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The legendary Mark 'Barney' Greenway from Napalm Death wears Paganae. Check him out growling while wearing 'The Chicken Strikes Back' in a studio report from Danish Volbeat's fourth coming album 'Beyond Hell/Above Heaven'.

Heavy stuff - light your way
Peta2 in Germany interviews us about creating a fair trade and organic vegan clothing brand - why, how and our view of the vegan lifestyle in general. Read the English version of the interview here

Read the interview and get a free Paganae t-shirt at peta2.de

Vegan greets
Paganae attended Copenhagen Unfair in August - an urban part of Copenhagen Fashion Week. See pictures from the exhibition and of Paganae doing the catwalk here

Visit Copenhagen Unfair

The summer is gone but our love will remain - keep warm
We finally got our organic, fairly made tees ready for you and they’re looking fresh. This 'first edition' design collaboration by Mambo. Check them out here and get your favourite ones from our web-shop.

Cheers and peace so much

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